Pago de los Abuelos

"It is a tribute to all those grandparents who worked and preserved the vineyards for more than a century"

Nacho Álvarez - Viticulturist and Oenologist

  • Heroic Viticulture

    The only winery with the "Heroic Viticulture" certification in Bierzo

  • Sustainable agriculture

    Godello and Mencía, grown and vinified in sustainable agriculture

  • Centennial Mountain Vineyards

    Focused on the recovery of mountain vineyards over one hundred years old

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Vignerons Wine Festival 2024

Second edition of the "Vignerons" Wine Festival by Nacho Álvarez Wines. Come this May 18th to live a unique experience in a mountain vineyard. The festival that celebrates the conviviality of 11 winegrowers from different regions of Spain and where each winery will make you discover their eco-responsible wine projects.

Experience the heroic viticulture

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