El legado inigualable de las viñas centenarias

The unmatched legacy of centuries-old vineyards

Centuries-old vineyards are hidden treasures, guardians of stories and traditions that have survived the passage of time. These vines, more than a hundred years old, are not just plants; They are living relics that carry with them secrets of ancient viticulture techniques and unique flavor profiles.

The legacy of centuries-old vineyards

The centuries-old vines are authentic survivors of viticulture that are distinguished by their resistance and adaptability. Over the years, these vineyards have developed an intimate connection with their environment, adapting to the particularities of the climate and soil. These plants have roots deeply rooted in the earth, so they offer us grapes that are the pure expression of the terroir and since their production is so limited, they concentrate more energy in each cluster, resulting in grapes with more intense flavors and more defined profiles.

Centennial Godello vineyard in a heroic viticulture vineyard

Centenary Godello vineyard in a heroic viticulture vineyard in Bierzo

The wisdom of preserving instead of destroying

Faced with the trend of replacing old vines with new plantations, a movement is emerging that advocates for the preservation of these centuries-old vines. The reason is clear: these vineyards are an invaluable legacy. Their conservation not only involves maintaining a part of wine history, but also taking advantage of the superior quality of the grapes they produce. Old vines, with their limited production, concentrate more energy in each cluster, resulting in wines that are characterized by a complexity of flavors and aromas not found in wines from younger vineyards. Notes of ripe fruit, spice, and a mineral touch are common, reflecting the depth and richness of the soil in which these vines have grown.

Mountain vineyard before (upper part) and after (lower part) its recovery

Centennial Mencia vineyard in the mountainous region of El Bierzo, before (upper part) and after (lower part) its recovery

The challenge and reward of working with century-old vines

Working with centuries-old vines is a challenge that requires dedication and respect for traditional practices. These vines demand specific care, and their management is usually more laborious due to their age and structure. However, the effort is rewarded in the quality of the wine. The decision to recover and maintain century-old vines is also a sustainability decision. These vines are an integral part of the ecosystem and their preservation helps maintain the natural balance of the environment and the health of the soil.

Winegrowers maintaining a century-old vineyard in Bierzo

Winegrowers working with a century-old Godello vineyard in Bierzo

The unique experience of a wine from centuries-old vines

By choosing a wine made from centuries-old vines, you are experiencing more than just a simple act of tasting. You are immersing yourself in a story that has been woven over more than a century, savoring the essence of vines that have stood the test of time and that have been cared for with a dedication that is felt in every sip. They are wines that invite you to explore layers of flavors and aromas that can only emerge from this unique combination of age, terroir and sustainable care.

Wine tasting at Barreiros vineyard, planted in 1890 and recovered in 2015

Wine tasting at Barreiros vineyard, planted in 1890 and recovered in 2015

Centuries-old vineyards are a treasure for the world of wine, and their preservation is essential to keep alive the richness and diversity of our wine culture. At Pago de los Abuelos, you will find a selection of wines made from these venerable vineyards, each with its own history and character. We invite you to explore our wines and discover for yourself the legacy of centuries-old vineyards.

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