El enólogo Nacho Alvarez caminando sobre el viñedo Barreiros en el Bierzo

Among Heroic Vineyards: A Wine Odyssey

In the wide world of wine, every bottle of wine tells a story, and every vineyard reveals a unique character. Among these, the heroic vineyards stand out as true legends. In this post, we will discover why heroic viticulture wines are so special.

What is Heroic Viticulture?

Heroic viticulture refers to the cultivation of vineyards in extreme conditions, where nature challenges the vintner at every step. These vineyards are located on steep terrain, high altitudes, or in regions with harsh climates. Some of the characteristics defined by the international organization CERVIM, which certifies heroic viticulture around the world, are: Vineyards with an inclination of more than 30% and altitudes greater than 500 meters. Therefore, the effort to cultivate the vine in these conditions is complex, which justifies the term "heroic."

Barreiros Mencia Vineyard Wine Label with certification from Cervim de Viticulture Heroica

De Los Abuelos wine label - Viñedo Barreiros Mencia, with certification from CERVIM de Viticulture Heroica

The Difficulty on the Ground

Unlike traditional viticulture, where the terrain is more accessible and manageable, hero vineyards are often found on steep slopes, such as those of the Italian Cinque Terre region or the terraces of the Douro in Portugal. Mechanization is almost impossible in these terrains, requiring intensive manual work. This difficulty is reflected in each bottle, offering a unique and authentic flavor experience.

Harvest in heroic vineyard with a slope of 43% in the Bierzo region, Spain

Harvest in heroic vineyard with a slope of 43% in the Bierzo region, Spain

Extreme weather

Another aspect that distinguishes heroic viticulture is its resistance to extreme climates. In places like Argentine Patagonia or parts of northern Europe, grapes are developed under challenging climatic conditions, which provide unique characteristics to the wine. These wines express a story of survival and adaptation, capturing the essence of their terroir in an exceptional way.

Image of a mountain vineyard with cold, cloudy and foggy weather in El Bierzo, Spain

Borrunde Vineyard at 650 meters of altitude and 51% gradient in El Bierzo

Limited Production, Exceptional Quality

Due to cultivation difficulties, Heroic Vineyards produce limited quantities of grapes. However, this limitation becomes an advantage, as it allows detailed attention to each cluster. The resulting wines are often of superior quality, with complex and distinctive flavor profiles.

Centennial Godello vineyard in the Teiró Vineyard from 1888

Centennial Godello vineyard in the Teiró Vineyard planted in 1888

Sustainability and Tradition

Heroic viticulture is not just a cultivation practice; It is a cultural legacy. Many of these vineyards have been cared for for generations, preserving ancestral techniques and traditions dating back more than a hundred years. Additionally, by relying less on machinery and more on human labor, these vineyards encourage sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

Ladybird on a vine at the Barreiros Vineyard in El Bierzo

Ladybugs are natural insecticides in the Barreiros vineyard

Heroic Viticulture in El Bierzo

At Pago de los Abuelos, we celebrate the magic of wines from heroic viticulture. Every bottle we offer is a tribute to the tenacity, tradition and beauty of these extraordinary vineyards. We invite you to explore the selection of the only Bierzo winery certified as heroic viticulture and experience the difference that a heroic terroir can make in your glass of wine.

Barreidos Vineyard Viewpoint in El Bierzo

Panoramic viewpoint in the Barreiros Vineyard with a view of the UNESCO world heritage "Las Médulas"

Exploring the extraordinary is not just about tasting a wine; It is living a story of bravery and beauty. Immerse yourself in the world of heroic viticulture with us and discover for yourself what makes these wines not only different, but truly exceptional.

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